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Dennis Quaid, DeiAmor and HarMoni

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Yeah, it was Thanksgiving

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At Harvelle's Santa Monica, CA



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This is the story of DeiAmor and HarMoni.  Once vibrant, yuppies. Their passion for life, music, travel and food made them the hippest couple at every party.

       But time marched on and over them. Now, suburban empty nesters, drowning in boredom, they cling to memories of dancing the night away in gin-soaked ballrooms. Are the nights with live music, food and adventure been replaced by the early-bird buffet and falling asleep in front of the TV? Have the passionate getaways and sexy fashion given way to trips to the post office, rummage sales while wearing Velcro shoes? Can this be the end of the party line? Not if they can help it!

        In a moment of total boredom DeiAmor and HarMoni decide to sell their house, cash in their kids inheritance and leave on the adventure to find the things they love the most; live music, great food and, of course ass-kicking fun!

     They say you can never go back,  never turn back the clock, but they are going to try! You are invited to join them on this goofy adventure in search of great times!  Welcome to The DeiAmor & HarMoni's Search For The Best Food And Music – Excuse them while they kiss the sky… one more time. Are you in? 

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 Richmond VA
The Masterton's & Whitmore Sisters

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HarMoni with Jesse Tyler Ferguson

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HarMoni With James Caan on Flgt to NOLA

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DeiAmor With Sugar Ray Leonard

How's My Hair? 

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 HarMoni Kung-Fu   Fighting In Central Park   New York City 

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