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HarMoni & DeiAmor at Charleston Music Hall


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This town has a real sexy Southern charm wrapped in great music and exceptional restaurants.

Sure, tour in the daytime (and there is plenty of websites full of tourism crap) but when the sun goes down the party and the music cranks.

Score some tickets to one of the many music venues (we love The Charleston Music Hall ) On our journey we saw Graham Nash from Crosby, Stills and Nash. He is old as the hills and due to Covid he cancelled our interview.  We were bummed. Next time Graham.   His voice hasn't changed since Woodstock.







The venue is small and intimate with great acoustics and baby, it is located in dead center of downtown a mere few hundred feet from King Street. (bar and restaurant central)  Before or after the concert check out some of the best southern and fresh seafood restaurants anywhere. We went to Coast Restaurant right next to the The Music Hall, but there are many. Where do you want to stay? There are a ton of boutique hotels in downtown Charleston, but check out The Wentworth Mansion.  Lost in time and steeped in history, it is the top shelf.  You can take rickshaws everywhere for about $5.00. I dont mind Uber but these are a ton more fun. So Charleston is a place to visit. On to the next party. 

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