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HarMoni & DeiAmor Visit

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Charlotte,       North Carolina

charlotte 1.jpg
DeiAmor & HarMoni in Charlotte
Middle c Char.jpg
Middle C JAzz Club
ted middle c charlotte.jpg
G.M. Teddy Johnson & HarMoni
at Middle C Jazz Club! Ask for him
by name!

CHARLOTTE !!!  This place is a must-visit for a weekend of food and music. Stay in the Ivey Hotel, which is just a few blocks from a ton of great restaurants and music venues.

Start at Middle C Jazz Club for a show, and some of the best food in the south. The next night hit the Fillmore or The Underground for music and some of the coolest bars and clubs in the complex. Sunday night, if you can stay a third night dine at Sea Level, Charlottes #1 rated seafood restaurant then walk 2 blocks to The Spectrum Center for a large, national act.  DeiAmor and HarMoni's trip to Charlotte was excellent. Plan your trip soon! 

charlotte 2.jpg
D&H at Middle C Jazz CLub goofing
The Gin Blosson bust
john lenno char.jpg
Pop art is everywhere in Charlotte
Middle C Jazz - great sound
DeiAmor & HarMoni At the
Eagles concert at Spectrum Center

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